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The Consorzio Sardegna Servizi, founded by Confcommercio, Confesercenti, Federalberghi, Assohotel was founded in February 2013 to offer simple and convenient access to tourists, connecting the Sardinian regional accommodation offer with the main shipping carriers. 

Mission of Consorzio Sardegna Turismo Servizi.

Reposition the perception of the Destination Sardinia, as a destination accessible to all the target tourist destinations. Destination Sardinia, which has reached a level of maturity for historical and cultural reasons that has to implement a general policy of strategic repositioning, has also been further weakened by the growing perception of a “dear and poor quality in terms of service” tourism product.

It is therefore necessary a common effort to reposition the perception of the destination Sardinia, modifying the elements of access to the product, quality of services, professionalism and systematicity of the services offered.

Provide hotel facilities with a tariff agreement on ship and air transport that can be offered to its customers.

Through “Sardinia on the crest of the wave”, accommodation facilities will be able to obtain a fixed rate, flexible in terms of use by customers and always available.

Through this agreement, the aim is to contrast the most important access barrier of the process of buying a holiday in Sardinia: the high cost of transport and the uncertainty of its use.
Give oxygen to the whole tourism sector in Sardinia.

Through “Sardinia on the crest of the wave” we intend to boost the tourism sector in Sardinia and, thanks to a new flow of tourists, provide new life to all operators in the supply chain, from restaurateurs to traders.